Essential Kids Soccer Accessories

Soccer jersey? Check! New soccer boots? Check! Think your child is all equipped and ready to take to the field? Think you have the basics covered?
Well, a second look may be needed by parents of budding soccer stars, just to ensure that while your child is looking good on the surface, they are also fully equipped with other soccer accessories which are needed to be an active part of the beautiful game. Just like with the terms and conditions page of an online gambling site, it is your best interest to have a look at the small print, the not so obvious as well.
The soccer kit which your child wears, is really just scratching the surface. One of the most visual aspects of the game is the soccer jersey.
From popular replica jersey’s of favourite club and international sides, to school kits and the ones that your child wants to wear when kicking around with friends, all have function.
Whether it is from giving your child confidence in appearance by looking the part (which will translate to better outcomes on the pitch), or giving comfort through specially designed fabrics used in soccer jersey’s (such as technology to keep the player cooler), the soccer jersey is a huge facet of the game.
The jersey is important for identification on the field, and the rest of the kit will be completed with stockings and shorts. But underneath there are other soccer accessory considerations as well.
Safety is a necessary part of the modern game, and shin guards are a must. These will help to protect your child’s legs from damage in collisions during the game.
There are different styles of shin guards available, from light weight complete moulds which slip inside the soccer stocking, and those shin guards which are supported with a strap under the foot and fasten around the back of the calf.
This latter type of shin guard is also able to offer more support around the ankle, so the choice will be down to what feels most comfortable for the child to wear. Irrespective of which they ultimately pick, a pair of shin guards is essential.
Soccer is a contact sport and safety has to be thought of, even down to mouth guards, and extra strapping supports if needed, for ankles and knees.
A good track suit will certainly benefit the child, both during pre match warm ups, as well as those days where they may be starting as a substitute. You have to keep those muscles warm while on the bench, and a high visibility scrimmage vest to wear while warming up on the sidelines will get ensure that they don’t interfere with the game by mistake.
So there are many more aspects to a child’s soccer apparel than just the jersey, and they will of course need a good soccer bag in which to carry all of their kit. This should be both sturdy and large enough to comfortably carry everything they need.
Make sure there is room to throw in a water bottle to keep your child hydrated throughout the match, as well as keeping a ball pump handy because you just never know. Also investing in a boot bag may be a wise call, because keeping those muddy boots away from the interior of the main bag, will certainly save a lot of unnecessary cleaning. So don’t forget to accessorise!